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Model COM-S
Surface to Diver Underwater Communicator

Comes with:

• Headset EAR-MIC-S08 with
• removable noise cancelling microphone MIC-S01

• Handheld microphone MIC-S08

• Three of Rechargeable Gel-Cell BAT-S08

• Charger for Surface Unit CHG-S08-UNIV with adapter plugs for North America, Japan, China, Australia, Europe and UK

DIVELINK Model COM-S: 20 Watt Surface Unit
Range: up to 3 KM

Removed from case to view batteries

• Comes with XDR-S08 Transducer on 16 M Extension

COM-S-2AF | 3869 USD

Channel Lineup AF

COM-S-3AFI | 3939 USD

Channel Lineup AFI
Provides THREE SEPARATE CHANNELS with longest range 3KM on channel 3

COM-S-4CADE | 3999 USD

Channel Lineup CADE
These channels are not all separate but are for matching other manufacturer's equipment

COM-S08 | 4099 USD

8 Channel Model
Channel Lineup CGAFDHEI
These channels are not all separate but are for matching other manufacturer's equipment

DIVELINK Spare Parts for COM-S Surface Units

Quantity Three: Rechargeable Gel-Cell BAT-S08, replacement.

Service Note: These batteries need to be replaced every five years, or if frozen during storage when fully discharged.

BAT-S08 set of 3 Rechargeable Gel Cell premium quality for COM-S Surface Units | 159 USD

Fast Charger CHG-S08-UNIV for COM-S Surface Units

Has adapters for:

• North America
• Japan
• China
• Australia
• Europe and UK

CHG-S08-UNIV Charger for COM-S Surface Units | 75 USD

Transducer XDR-S08 on 16 M Extension for COM-S Surface Units

XDR-S08 transducer with 16 M extension for COM-S Surface Units | 349 USD

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