Divelink Belt Pack with Kirby Morgan M48 Full Face Mask

Wireless Voice Communication

• Diver to Diver

• Diver to Surface Vessel

We at DIVELINK are proud to be the new favorite in underwater comms for the dive professionals of police and fire departments, commercial and scientific divers. We have continuously evolved and improved our product line to meet the demands of these divers, and DIVELINK has the fastest growing market share for many reasons:

• Clearer, more reliable comms improves mission success rate.

• Fully automatic, hands-free operation: voice activation, gain AND squelch.

• Most compact and portable.

• Rugged, waterproof microphones that can be flooded to over 200ft in all diver units.

• Effective tool for training exercises.

• Added safety and coordination for every dive mission.

Diver Belt Pack Model COM-UC:


• Connects to Robust Waterproof Microphone and Earphones
• Lever Selectable Voice activated and Push-To-Talk with Volume Control
• Automatic Squelch adjusts to local environmental noise
• Up to eight channels selectable by diver with rotary switch for compatibility with other manufacturer's equipment
• Up to THREE SEPARATE channels
• 20 Watt Output Power for up to 2 KM range
• Internal high performance NiMH Battery Pack included
• Internal Battery Pack Energy Management System disconnects charger when fully charged
• “Gas Gauge” display shows charge state
• Transducer may be unplugged when out of water for charging

Order Diver System as follows:

• Model COM-UC Diver Belt Pack Communicator
• Model EAR-MIC Harness
• Model MPC-xxx Full Face Mask Micrphone

May also order from us Model FFM-KM48 Kirby Morgan M48 full face mask with regulator

Alternative Configuration as a Belt Pack Surface Unit, order:

Model COM-UC Diver Belt Pack Communicator
• Model EAR-MIC-S Surface Headset for Belt Pack
• Model XDR-S08-S Surface Transducer with Extension (10 Meters)


Diver Option:

Surface Option:

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The Diver Belt Pack may be ordered as the COM-UC-8 with channel lineup CGAFDHEI.  This will provide three separate channels A F and I in the lineup and also compatibility with other manufacturer's equipment.

Recommended frequency lineups are -2AF (two SEPARATE channels) or -3AFI (three SEPARATE channels).  Other channel lineups may be ordered, please order matching channels on the surface comm box.