Drass Diver Harness


Professional Harness for Diver

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The Diver Tool Harness is a dedicated piece of equipment to sustain the diver if necessary. The harness comprises straps, fitting, buckles and adjuster, suitably arranged and assembled to support the whole weight of a diver and to restrain the diver during the recovery and/or during the undress. This product is also suitable to secure a diver in the bell during a hyperbaric emergency evacuation or during a lost bell situation. This product is suitable for one person use and not able to hold the combined weight of more than one individual.

The harness is manufactured with materials specifically selected for durability in a hostile environment. The polyester webbing ensures excellent tensile strength and grip without compromising its great resistance to hydrocarbons and prolonged immersion in salt water. The other components of the harness, which are often referred to as Hardware, are made of stainless steel AISI 304 to prevent corrosion in salt water.

Available in two sizes:

• Large
• Extra Large

Pro-Harness LARGE 97AF-02-02-01-00-00 | 180 USD

Pro-Harness EXTRA LARGE 97AF-02-02-02-00-00 | 180 USD

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