Drass Communication System for the Hyperbaric Environment

(DRASS KOMMS) is a market-leading wired communication system that incorporates the latest advancements in technology and design, and complies with DNV GL, ABS and LR classification bodies.

To achieve both the best performance and reliability, the design philosophy of the system has been completely redefined by moving all the hyperbaric related elements inside the hyperbaric environment. The finished product is a standard atmospheric intercom system, a massive simplification in terms of overall design and procurement that enables the utilization of consolidated and modern technology at affordable costs.

This communication system contains a helium speech unscrambler algorithm (DRASS KOMMS). It is a wired communications system, designed to comply with the highest standards of the offshore industry. The system is a modern design concept which provides the optimum performance and numerous improvements if compared to the current communication systems available:

• Drass makes use of a fully-digital Helium Speech Unscrambler (HSU) with a superior unscrambling algorithm. Each inner communication box contains a depth sensor, meaning that each HSU is capable of setting the proper unscrambling algorithm for its actual depth in a way that is completely transparent for the operators at the consoles. Drass HSUs are integrated with a communication box, RTS-Telex devices (BOSCH Group), customized by Drass for hyperbaric use. The HSU is installed inside the hyperbaric environment (inner area). Such a solution is unique in the world of commercial diving and it technically improves the unscrambling performance by shifting the pitch of the voices directly from the chamber; it reduces the transmitted noise. Moreover, the allocation of dedicated unscramblers to each communication point increases the redundancy of the entire communication system. The external control console operator can eventually bypass the HSU.

• The system uses a state of the art commercial communication matrix for ship installation. It provides a more reliable and cost effective system, compared to the small production / prototype hyperbaric communication systems currently available on the market. The specific maintenance for DRASS KOMMS is limited to the replacement of one model only of communication box. This makes the vessel almost entirely independent from the assistance of the OEM.

• The outer area communication system is based on the same unit used for the diving system, so the outer area communications can be interfaced with the other units included into the diving system. This interface is very quick and after the re-configuration of the all units connected to the LAN network brings advantages to the captain when talking with the divers inside the chambers or with the supervisor in the Dive or Sat Room. This is very helpful during the coordination of a particular job in which it is necessary to put different groups of people into contact to coordinate the entire job.

• Drass communication system can be completely configured in terms of operability using the standard (and free) software provided by the Communication systems. The matrixes may be easily connected to the configuration PC via Ethernet, USB or serial link; the full physical customization of the system is ensured having the possibility to choose each specific component from a standard part list. If required, the whole system can be serviced remotely by Drass (this will require a remote connection to the vessel). It has the function “RealTime Online Configuration & Monitoring”, giving the opportunity to change the configuration of the matrix during normal activities, without any work stoppages. This is an advantage over the other commercial diving communication systems.

• Spare parts can be provided quickly thanks to it being the only type of communication unit model used inside the inner area and outer areas of the vessel. Moreover, the system can be delivered few weeks because the items are generally in stock. This is a huge advantage given that the standard delivery times for similar products on the market can be counted in months.

• The time required for maintenance is reduced greatly thanks to quick connector fitted on the inner area comms box, and for these reasons no screwdrivers for electrical connections are necessary. This makes the replacement operation easily doable to the divers themselves.

Usually redundant matrixes are assembled in the power supply and controller and have the hot-swap function. Finally one single brand/model of communication system can supply the vessel Intercom and the Diving Intercom, unifying them into a single network. The system is designed to connect up to thousands of links, mixing several different technologies at the same time: hardwired analog, wireless and several frequencies and modulation. Redundancy is provided as standard with dual power supply and dual controller, all hot swappable. Drass Komms with Helium Descrambler

Unique Features & Functionality:

• The inner area communication box uniquely incorporates a depth sensor, a feature not available anywhere on the market until now. Inclusion of a depth sensor ensures that each Helium Speech Unscrambler is capable of automatically setting the proper unscrambling algorithm for its actual depth with no need of intervention from operators at the consoles.

• The core of the wired system is a dedicated Ethernet network, based on Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) interconnecting all stations in the ring. This provides the system with the necessary flexibility to interface each panel room with the rest of the vessel, and also
ensures a greater level of system redundancy on each digital matrix during the transmission of control and audio signals.

• The simplicity of its design is such that one single brand of communication system can supply the vessel intercom and the diving intercom, unifying them on one single network. The system is designed to connect thousands of links, bringing together several different technologies at the same time: hardwired analog, wireless and several frequencies and modulation. Audio digitalization is fully 24 bit with VOX, gains and many other fully customizable parameters. Control panels can be traditional, colour and touch screen.

• The Vlink application is the only fully interconnected DHCP-compliant (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) virtual communication solution on the market today, being capable of accessing the intercom system using internet, WiFi/3G/4G connectivity on PC, tablet and even smartphones. Redundancy is provided as standard with dual power supply and dual controller, all hot swappable.

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